Social Media Management


Social Media Management

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Straight forward no BS Social Media Management to ensure your brand is being spoken about in the way you want it to.  This includes:

  • Support on social media platforms*
  • Daily monitoring
  • Daily social interaction
  • Monthly reports
  • 5 hours of support services
# of Social Platforms:
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Have you tried to actually manage your brand?  

If so you have already come to the realization this is a beyond full time job just to do it...Okay  

Now imagine being able to have an entire team of brand experts taking care of your brand like it was their own new born baby. They know your business, they understand your customers, and best of all they know just what it takes to make sure you look AMAZING.

The BizSprints Brand Team are insane brand rock stars that work for you! Our formula is simple DOCUMENT AN ACTION PLAN + SET CONCISE GOALS = BRAND SUCCESS. We work with you to create a winning strategy for your brand on the channels your customers want to interact with you on.  Then based on your goals and the results you want to see. We take care of the posting, tweeting commenting and connecting for you.  This way you can run your business while we make sure your brand is well taken care of.

So stop letting your fans, customers, and nay sayers keep talking about you behind your back!  Join the conversation today and get engaged so your brand can get to the next level of success.