Our success is a direct result of our client's success there for we only work with those ready to grow!


Who We Work With

BizSprints works with PEOPLE who are looking to take them self and/or their business to the next level.  

Who We Do Not work With

Our team regularly talks about how we would love to help every person out there achieve their maximum potential, but then are quickly reminded why this is not possible.  This has led to our some what famous... 

No A-Hole Policy

Yes this is a real corporate policy that our team is so serious about that we have fired and turned away a signifiant amount of revenue because they were found to be an A-Hole.  So we know you must be asking your self, "What is an A-Hole?" Well let us tell you.

This is a Person or Business who…

  • Wants everything done for them, and unwilling to put in any work to accomplish it.
  • Will not show up to meetings when they are scheduled and agreed upon.
  • Complains that nothing is ever good enough even when the results meet the expectations agreed upon.
  • Has unrealistic expectations, and unwilling to move from them.
  • Egotistical leadership that are all about how they personally come across and not how their business looks.
  • Puts the needs of the owner above the needs of the business.
  • Secretive and not transparent (unless warranted due to industry)

So if this is your business feel free to leave our website as we do not work with A-Holes (Period). 

“Business is simply a puzzle that needs to be solved again, again, and again to be successful”
— Michael McMillan, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Help business rediscover their customers needs and goals.


Be the globally recognized leaders committed to transforming companies to stay relevant in the radically shifting economy. 

Our guiding values

  • Passion

  • Curiosity

  • Innovation

  • Transparency

  • Family

  • Humility

What we are NOT!

  • Boring

  • Conformists

  • Conventional

  • Close Minded

  • Judgemental

  • Cliche

  • Stereotypical

  • Stuffy

  • Pandering

  • Manipulative