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Just Here To Help - I Promise!


By: Michael McMillan

There is a massive misconception of sales people today that we are only here to sell you something. Much of this comes from the glorification of our roles from shows like Mad Men or my all time favorite movie, Boiler Room.

Now let me be very honest in saying that yes the bulk of us sales folks are extremely well trained manipulators and negotiators. The thing is that most of us do not like to use those skills unless we absolutely have to. What we really all love to do is help people, and be remembered and talked about for the help we were able to offer.

So why is this a big deal to talk about?

Simply because so many people to this day still view sales as a dirty role to take. They do not see it for its true entrepreneurial beauty. I mean come on, what other role in a company can you literally run your own business for a proven model with zero capital investment?!

The answer is NONE!

The problem is most people do not view sales in this way. They simply see it as men/women talking people into using their product or service if they need it or not. The issue is that for many young sales people this is the way they act, and present themselves. It is only those of us who have gone through the grinder, and come out the other end who realize that you have no way of a long career in sales if this is how you act.

I have an old saying I tell every single new sales person before they come work for me, and it is very applicable to this topic.

"Sales is not a career choice or a profession you select." "Sales is a lifestyle choice you need to decide now if you are ready to embrace forever, or only here to visit." 

"Which one are you here to do?"

What I mean by this quote is that if you are here just to make a quick buck then yes go ahead an be a "salesman/woman", but if you are looking to really make it in sales and make a difference in the life of the customers you service, then stop selling and start helping people with no expectations of WIFME. (a.k.a.- What's In It For Me)!

By helping others you will build a much more vast network of trusted and loyal friends who will bend over backward to do business with you, and drive more business to you any way they can.

To Your Success & Prosperity!