Conducting a Successful Needs Analysis

Many sales people have this misconception that the needs of their clients are preconceived based on the solutions which they deliver.

That’s not necessarily the case… The needs of our clients can be presented in a multitude of ways.

The understanding of those specific needs and the expectation of what we do is critical  as a part of our sales process. Not only will it help you produce the best deliverable, it will also help you craft a proposal that no client could refuse.

On this episode of BizSprints, I share the tips and tricks that our sales team and I utilize to help ensure that not only we’re collecting the needs of our clients, but we’re also confirming that they are the real needs of their organization that are going to impact and drive their business forward. Tune in to discover how you can craft a proposal specific to your prospect's needs, build the expectations, and show that you understand EXACTLY what they need to have done.

Get your earbuds in, turn up the volume, and get ready to take some notes… You won’t want to miss this important episode as it is sure to have a massive impact on your ability to move stages on your deals almost immediately!

On this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to categorize different needs of a project and choose ones to focus on that will yield the best deliverable.
  • The immense benefits of this incredible needs analysis solution.
  • The importance of confirming the client’s needs before sending out a proposal, and our tips for doing it “the right way”.
  • Why you should NOT use email for confirming needs and when you SHOULD use email during this process.
  • Game-changing tips that will help you build closer bonds with your prospects and get closer to selling.
  • Why you should NEVER send out stock proposals to your prospects.
  • The importance of presenting the proposal in person (or via phone).

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