My Sales Story

I'm taking a break from the sales tips this week to share my story of how I landed in sales. I'm a second generation sales-person. My mother owned a family business - a call center. During a summer break home from college, I worked for my mother and quickly became a top earning sales person. That summer job put me on a path that I'll outline for you in this episode.

I learned quickly that there are a few key tactics that helped me become a successful sales person. That's what I'll share those with you today.

My path into successful sales has been a winding road that's taken me from Ohio to California with several stops in between. I took advantage of several opportunities that opened up and learned to master sales in traditional corporate firms and startup organizations.

I share my story to help clarify how you can transfer yourself into top sales performer. Adjusting my physical appearance while developing an intimate understanding of my product and the company are just two of the strategies I employed to accomplish significant results.


On this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How I started my sales career at 5 years old with a box of crackers.
  • The wake-up call I received which introduced me to sales. 
  • How I rebuilt my mother's family business and sold it at the age of 29.
  • The career path which allowed me to hone my skills in sales.
  • An explanation of my life mission - to not become a statistic.

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