Sales By The Numbers

Any salesperson can tell you that numbers often form the backbone of your routine, goals, and success. But too often, we focus on the negative side of numbers (missed sales goals, for example) rather than how numbers can tell us how much progress we've made.

To explore how you can build a positive mindset around meeting numbers, I sat down with one of our very own sales gurus here at BizSprints, Ana Contreras. Ana has found a way to turn her numbers into motivation and structure for productivity.

In this interview, Ana and I talk about how meeting her sales quotas gives her both a sense of accomplishment and an accurate snapshot of her daily progress. She also touches on how her numbers help her structure her day so it's most productive, and how they can provide a valuable check-in when she's not meeting them. We also discuss the role of management in working with salespeople that are meeting their numbers and continually improving, not just harping on those that are falling short. 

Join us as Ana and I explore how meeting your numbers can be a recipe for success and fulfillment in sales!

On this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Ana uses her numbers to understand her daily workflow.
  • Why meeting your numbers can offer you protection, especially in long sales cycles. 
  • How Ana leverages in-person events to drive her numbers through the first four stages of the pipeline.
  • The role Ana's quota has played in her new time-management structure and focus. 
  • Why Ana doesn't get discouraged if she misses her sales goal for the day, and how she rebounds.
  • Why sales is a science, not an art, and Ana's equation for making sales happen. 

Featured on the Show:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • If you need any help with your pipeline, give us a call at 888-512-3422

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