What is a VP of Sales or CSO

I often reiterate that sales isn't an art; it's a science. There are distinct building blocks that make up a great salesperson or sales team, and that's what we focus on bringing to your business here at BizSprints.

One critical (but often glossed-over) aspect of your successful sales team is your VP of Sales or Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Too often, companies stick this title onto the name of their best salesperson without giving thought to the intricacies and potential of the job.

In this episode, I break down the three most important responsibilities of a VP of Sales. This job is far more than just a title - ideally, your CSO should be overseeing and implementing the sales strategy of your entire sales staff. I talk about how great VPs of Sales should function within their department and within the company as a whole, and I touch on the super-important management aspects of the job, too. 

A company that's serious about having a robust sales team shouldn't shirk the importance of finding a stellar VP of Sales, and this episode will tell you what you need to know to do it!

On this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why so many companies don't understand the importance of a solid CSO, and how to make sure that yours does.
  • Why the VP of Sales must measure everything: pipeline productivity, email correspondence, you name it!
  • The management aspect of a VP of Sales position and how it influences the whole team.
  • How a CSO must strategize, measure, and manage in order to maximize the position's potential. 
  • Why a CSO also doubles as your ultimate sales team motivator.
  • The importance of shielding your sales team from negativity. 

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