Kicking The New Year Off Right

Hopefully you're as excited for the new year as we are here at BizSprints! We're looking forward to boosting the sales capabilities of all of our clients this year, and hope you listeners will take away some lessons from our content, too.

Today I want to talk about how you and your team can take advantage of all that fresh, new-year energy.  By walking you through our five-step process for new clients, I'll give you several actionable tasks that will set you up for effective quota-setting and goal-reaching.

In the next half hour you'll hear about the differences between quotas, goals, and stretch goals, and how to design each of them. One key takeaway is the idea that your entire team should be a part of the goal-setting process - that way you can ensure they buy into the organization's vision as a whole. I also reiterate why it's critical to measure your sales variables, and give you some ideas for taking action to improve your sales process today. 

We hope you've had an excellent 2016 and are preparing for an even better 2017 - this episode is a great way to get off on the right foot!

On this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why the first thing we do with clients is have them re-learn their business from a sales perspective.
  • The components of your sales quota, and why you should set that before your goals. 
  • How making your entire organization part of the sales process makes them more likely to buy in to the organization's goals.
  • The simple difference between goals and stretch goals. 
  • Why standardizing your sales process is the only way to improve it over time. 

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